Fit Body Wraps

Fit Body wraps- burn 1000's of calories lose inches and reduce body fay Effortlessly. Uses infrared rays to penetrate the skin, transforming light energy into heat energy, this triggers your body to produce sweat and burn calories and fight cellulite leaving your skin toned and moisturized with an overall slimming effect. Thermal effects within the deep layers of tissue cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate promoting better blood circulation While also helping to rid your body of toxins.
$99 each or 3 for $250

Parafango Wrap

Parafango is parafin wax and sea mud combined with the best active ingredients used to the appearance and occurence of celullite. The wrap will moisturize and smoothen the appearance of your skin. This treatment is also good to release the stress and reduce muscle tension.
70 Min $105

Mineral Body Wraps

Our environment exposes us to pollutants on a daily basis. We accumulate waste products/toxins from the air we breathe, chemically enhanced foods and things we touch or put on our body. These waste products build up in areas of our body and, as a result, we have poor circulation, cellulite, weight and inch gain, pre-mature aging, wrinkles and lack of energy. That is the body's natural response to fighting off these poisons that we take in. As the toxin build-up continues, it creates excess build up between your adipose (fatty cells), causing the fatty cells to separate and visible puffiness will occur in the areas of the thighs, buttocks, waist and hips.

This exclusive body wrap system intervenes by balancing your oncitic pressure (internal cell pressure) and cleansing the fluid in between your fatty cells (interstitial cells). This process helps remove not only the contaminated matters, but releases unnecessary accumulation of interstitial fluid build-up surrounding the infected area. We’re talking about visibly tightening and toning your current figure using all-natural mineral body wraps. The results are obvious and instantaneous – you’ll see the difference on your very first visit.

The process is simple. You are first measured prior to being wrapped. Then the technician will wrap you from feet up to the head in porous bandages soaked in the exclusive mineral solution. The patron will then perform light exercises for one hour on the gazelle to increase the body's circulation, allowing the lymphatic system to flush out the body's waste products. After one hour, the patron is unwrapped and re-measured.

While many people have heard of body wrapping in general, very few people know anything about the different body wrap options available. See the different body wraps Alora Ambiance Spa has to offer from the menu below. *Iodine and Sea Kelp can be added to any Mineral Body Wrap for an extra boost of skin toning and tightening. Flat Tummy Boost can be added to any Mineral Body Wrap for Maximum inch loss targeting the mid torso area.

Fat Burner Wrap - $100.00 (45 minutes. MUST BE COMBINED WITH ANOTHER WRAP)

Fat Burner Wraps are two wraps preformed back to back on the same day. They are given to clients who have already had a Slimming Wrap. First step is to wrap the client lightly with bandages soaked in our wrap solution called “Lipase”. The client remains wrapped for 45 minutes, the wraps are then removed and fresh bandages are used to begin the second wrap of the client’s choice. Lose 6-20 inches… Guaranteed!

The Slim Wrap - $150.00 (1 hour)

Our signature contour mineral body wrap is the safest, most effective inch loss body wrap available today! The mineral wrap detoxifies and contours your body by drawing out toxins and impurities. Immediate inch loss of 6 to 20 inches occurs as the body is left feeling rejuvenated and more energetic. The minerals nourish the skin, leaving it smooth, tightened and you will notice a remarkable improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Please note this is an active body wrap treatment and you will be required to remain active for 45 to 60 minutes while in this wrap.

With one wrap you will lose between 6” and 20”, however, in order to achieve long lasting results, it is important to get all of the toxins out; and by repeating the process several times, your results will last much longer. Also, most people continue to lose more inches with every wrap for between 5 to 15 wraps. By only doing one, you are not achieving your maximum inch loss potential.

For best results, schedule 3 or more wraps within 10 - 15 days of each other.

Package of 5 SlimWraps (get one free)...........$635.00
-To add fat burner wrap add $250.

Package of 10 SlimWraps (get three free).......$1270.00
-To add fat burner add $500.

Premier Body Lift Wrap - $150.00 (1 hour)

The Premier Body Lift Wrap, through compression, causes the visual improvement of cellulite on the surface of the body. The appearance of cellulite will improve after every wrap. Some of our Patrons have reported getting rid of minor cellulite problems and skin tight jeans fitting beautifully after their first wraps! The Premier Body Lift Wrap gets visible results. Through our program we can address your goals for a more aesthetic appearance and a body that feels great! You can look more contoured and have a more proportioned look in just one hour. The Body Lift Wrap provides a firmer, tighter appearance of the skin. The Body Lift Wrap is developed for those who need MAXIMUM visual skin tightening and also gives a very obvious energy boost and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft while appearing firmer and tighter.

The Body Lift Wrap has been found to give AMAZING results! Anyone who has lost weight, or who has loose skin due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss will LOVE this wrap. We are constantly striving on improving our services and are happy to introduce the Body Lift Wrap to achieve a more firm and tight appearance of the skin.

Package of 5 Premier Body Lift Wraps (get one free)...........$705.00
-To add fat burner wrap add $250.

Package of 10 Premier Body Lift Wraps (get three free).......$1410.00
-To add fat burner add $500.

"Ultimate Results" TrimWrap - $175.00 (1 hour)

The TrimWrap combines the fat burning effects of our Infrared Slimming Treatment with the inch loss and cellulite benefits of the SlimWrap. After 20 minutes of relaxing in the Infra-red blanket to boost your metabolism and jump start the detoxification process, you are then wrapped in our slimming mineral solution. This dual process was designed for those who need or want the absolute best inch loss results and even more amazing cellulite removal.

Package of 5 "Ultimate Results" TrimWraps (get one free)...........$825.00
-To add fat burner wrap add $250.

Package of 10 "Ultimate Results" TrimWraps (get three free).......$1650.00
-To add fat burner add $500.

To add Flat Tummy Boost or Iodine and Sea Kelp to any wrap… add $35.00

Fit Body Wraps in Orange County NY

To schedule your Body Wrap Treatment at Alora Laser Spa in Orange County NY or if you have any questions regarding our Body Wrap Treatment services please call us at (845) 508-6605.

*Tax and gratuity are not included. Gratuity is accepted and appreciated. It may be given at your discretion and can be left at the reception desk after checkout.
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